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School Christmas Cards

Our School Christmas Cards project is a hugely popular project that we run throughout the months of August to December.  We print hundreds of thousands of individual Christmas cards for schools throughout the UK.

The children love creating designs, the parents enjoy seeing them, the PTA/School raises lots of money and we get a huge pleasure from making it all happen! Christmas cards for schools are a fantastic fundraiser – don’t miss out!


Online Christmas Project

Key benefits of our project

How much money does the school make?

Our prices are set as competitively as we can to allow schools to make a healthy profit from this fun artwork project. Our Christmas cards for schools are priced at £3.90 per pack of 12 cards (depending upon how early you order) with discounts for early sign-up (before 5th September 2022). The price at which you charge parents is determined entirely by you. However a popular price is around £6.00 per pack of cards. At this price, this creates a profit of around £2.00 per pack for the PTA/School. An average school of around 300 children can easily make a profit of over £400 on a school Christmas card project, which is why they are so popular.

Do you print JUST Christmas cards for schools?

No, in fact as part of our school "Christmas card" project we also offer self adhesive gift tags, coasters, mugs and value packs (two sets of cards and a set of gift tags). A few years ago we also introduced printed school mugs into our products range, which have proved to be hugely popular. All of our products are produced using your child's artwork and include the child's name as the designer. We have set out full details of all of our products and pricing on our website but if you have any questions which can't be found on our FAQ then please just give us a call on 01296 340057.

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