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School Tea Towels

Welcome to the home of the best School Tea Towels in the UK!  Our tea towel projects come in two exciting variations:

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Whole School Tea Towel

Tea Towels Plus

Why our Zero Risk school project makes you more profit!

Why does it matter that our school fundraising project is zero risk?  Well, the answer it that zero risk projects will help you and your PTA make more profit because you only buy products that you have already sold.  This means you aren’t at danger of ordering too few to sell (missing out on profits) or ordering too many (and being left with unsold tea towels).  You could take orders before placing your bulk order but your parents are ordering “blind” as they can’t see the tea towels they are buying, which will result in less sales.  An example should make things clearer.

Let’s imagine that you parents would buy 75 school tea towels (unfortunately you don’t know that until all orders are in), so you either order 50 tea towels (because you don’t want to have any left unsold) or you order 100 because you think you can sell that many and want the lower unit price.  Unfortunately this isn’t ideal.  Let’s see how things pan out for your profits under these situations:

  50 Towels Bought Zero Risk Project with School Fundraising 100 Towels Bought
Price of Tea Towels £4.00 £4.00 £4.00
Total Cost of Towels £200 £300 £400
Price Charged to Parents £6.00 £6.00 £6.00
Total Revenue (Max 75 towels sold) £300 £450 £450
Profit £100 £150 £50

The best approach is to utilise our ZERO RISK fundraiser project because that will maximise your profits!

Why Choose our Full Colour Tea Towels?

If you have been looking around at different providers of fundraising tea towels for your pre-school, nursery or primary school then you have seen there is a choice to be made between single colour designs and our full colour designs.  Single colour designs are considerably cheaper to manufacture which is why have have been used so much in the past.  However the cost of printed full colour tea towels is now only slightly more and allowing the children to utilise full colour means the designs are much more eye-catching when produced in full colour.  The result?  More sales and happier children!

Fantastic Full Colour?

Boring Old Single Colour?

Your choice of drawing templates - Self Portraits or Handprints?

We offer two different sizes of drawing templates for our tea towel project.  The smaller A5 drawing templates have a drawing area of 90mm x 90mm which is perfect for children to create a self portrait.  If you want to use handprints/footprints then we have a larger A4 drawing template which allows a drawing area of 160mm x 160mm which will more easily accommodate a child’s hand print.  You can mix and match the drawing templates within a single school tea towel project, so just select the ones you need after setting up your project.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for delivery directly to parents you could consider the school tea towel project we run on our sister website Little Acorns Art.