Products and Prices

Products and Prices for 2019

All of our Christmas cards are printed on board which has the FSC accreditation which means it is printed on board that is from sustainable managed forests.

Although we call this our school christmas card fundraiser we don’t JUST print Christmas cards. We have found that a small range of other additional products enhances the appeal to parents and increases profits for the school. As a result we offer four different printed products all of which are based on the artwork from your children.

Christmas Cards

The core product (and always the most popular) are our great quality A6 folded Christmas cards. They come in packs of 12 cards with 12 white envelopes. They are printed on the front with you child’s design and then the back is printed with the details that you choose (typically the child’s name and school name). We can even print your school logo on the reverse of the card at no additional charge, just ask! Our cards are printed BLANK INSIDE as standard. However, should you wish, you can have an internal greeting printed, of your choosing, for an additional 60p per pack of cards.

Thank You Cards

A popular option with parents are our thank cards. Printed on the same quality board as our Christmas cards they come an internal message of “Thank You”. Each pack contains 12 cards and 12 white envelopes. They are printed with your child’s design and name. A great way to encourage your children to write thank you notes for their Christmas presents.

Self Adhesive Gift Tags

Another popular option are our self adhesive gift labels (42 in a pack). Printed on 38mm x 99mm semi-gloss labels they are a quality addition to our range of products. Printed with your child’s design and name they have plenty of space for addressing gifts even for those written by the smallest of children.

10oz White Printed Mugs

Christmas Fundraising Mugs 2016Have your child’s design immortalised on our top quality 10oz white ceramic mugs. A great present for grandparents that they will cherish. Dishwasher safe and packaged individually in their own boxes, they are always popular with parents and grandparents alike. We offer our mugs in a choice of three designs (which must be the same for all mug orders for the entire school) called Stockings, Snowflakes or Vanilla. You can read more about the designs we offer on our mugs here.

Value Pack

A value pack consists of a pack of 12 Christmas cards, 12 thank you cards and a pack of 42 self adhesive gift tags.


NEW for 2019 we have developed an online payment system for accepting orders from parents. We have also retained our original “traditional project” where we issue order forms and allow the PTA to collect and orders and payment. You CHOOSE how to run your project.

“Online Project”

  • Every child who wishes to take part returns a drawing template with their name and design on it.
  • After scanning your drawings we produce a set of paper flyers showing each child’s design and containing a link to allow parents to get online and place an order.
  • Payment is made online, so the PTA organiser does not need to collect orders and payment.
  • All orders are delivered to the school for distribution.
  • After the project ends we will pay a cheque for the profits earned to the PTA

“Traditional Project”

  • Every child who wishes to take part returns a drawing template with their name and design on it.
  • After scanning your drawings we produce a set of paper order forms showing each child’s design and spaces for parents to record their order.
  • The PTA organiser needs to collect orders and payment before uploading their bulk order to our website.
  • All orders are delivered to the school for distribution.
  • After the project ends we will issue an invoice to the PTA for payment.

All Services

Range of Products
Christmas Cards
Thank You Cards
Gift Tags
Value Packs

* Mugs are an optional item (you can choose to exclude them from your project if you wish).

Standard Prices
2019 Prices (inc VAT)
12 x Standard A6 Christmas Cards £3.60
42 x Gift Tags £2.10
12 x Thank You Cards £3.60
Value Pack £8.40
10oz Printed Mugs £4.50
Optional Extras
Hand Scanning (£30)
School Logo (FREE)
Interior Greeting in Christmas Cards
(60p per pack)
Other Costs

In addition to our standard product charges we have a handful of additional charges that are applied in exceptional circumstances. These are:

  • Late Artwork Charge (£45) – This charge is applied to any projects where the artwork is returned after our deadline date of Wednesday 6th November 2019. If artwork is received after Friday 15th November we will not accept it for processing.
  • Small Order Delivery (£10) – This charge is applied to any projects where the total order value is below £100 (inc VAT). In all other instances delivery is free of charge.
  • Hand Scanning (£30) – This additional charge is applied if your project contains more than 60 drawings that require “hand scanning” (see below)

5% Discount for Early Sign-up

In addition to our highly competitive “Standard Pricing” all customers can earn an additional 5% DISCOUNT on all of the above products by signing up to our service and creating their Christmas Card Project before 1st September 2019.

Optional Extras – Explained

Our standard service is used by the vast majority of our clients but sometimes people request something more and for this we offer a number of optional extras. These include

  • Hand Scanning (Using Paints, Pastels, Collages)

    Scanning-300x199Our standard service provides for children’s designs to be created using colouring pencil, felt tips and crayons. This is because all of the children’s designs can then be safely fed through our automatic document scanner. This allows us to process returned designs quicker and keeps the price of our cards low. However we know that some schools would rather create designs using paint, pastels and collages (using all manner of materials). In these instances we need to scan each sheet “on the glass” and by hand. This process takes considerably longer and so we charge an additional £30 when the number of the hand scanned drawings exceeds 60


  • FREE School Logos

    If your school has a logo that you would like printed on the reverse of your cards then we can incorporate this for you FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Interior Greeting in Christmas Cards

    All of our CHRISTMAS Cards are printed, as standard, with a blank inside for writing your own greeting. If you would like a custom message printed inside the cards (it must be the same across all cards and will be printed in black ink) then we can do this for an additional 60p per pack of cards.