Our Interactive School Christmas Cards Profit Calculator

It can be difficult to understand exactly how profitable running a Christmas cards for schools project can be for your school or PTA. To make things easier we have created an interactive profit calculator so you can see what sort of profits might be achievable for your school.  Simply select the date range in which you expect to PLACE YOUR ORDER, the number of children participating in your project and the prices at which you will be selling cards to parents.  The calculator will then estimate the likely profits from your Christmas card project.  Go on, give it a try!

A note about our profit calculator

The profit calculated by our tool is an estimate based on our experience of working with hundreds of schools throughout the UK over the last few years. It assumes an average amount of sales based on the number of children participating and the different types of products sold. It is not guaranteed and your individual school’s profit could be more or less than this depending upon your school and it’s parents.

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