Late Orders Closure Date

This page will cease to accept orders after Sunday 31st January 2021. After this date you will no longer be able to order items for your children.


If you were unable to order during Christmas 2020 then you can now order items directly from DigiPrint Graphics. Every item purchased will raise the same amount of funds for your PTA as it would have if you had ordered in November/December 2020, so your purchase will financially benefit your school's PTA.

Ordering your child's cards (You need the UNIQUE PIN CODE from your order form)

To correctly order your child's products you will need to know their PIN CODE that is printed on their order form. To ensure you have the correct code, enter the code into the box below and we will retrieve the drawing we have associated with that code. PIN CODES ARE OF THE FORM XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ. Check that this image matches the one your child has drawn before ordering. If you order the incorrect cards by mistake we cannot refund or reprint your order.