School Cookbook Fundraising (Coming soon)

We will soon be launching our new cookbook fundraising project. You will be able to use our advanced online cookbook generator to create a fantastic fundraising cookbook for your school or other fundraising group. Our advanced online system for creating fundraising cookbooks is still being developed but will be online as soon as possible in 2017.

What’s different about our cookbooks?

School CookbooksWe are aiming to solve a number of problems with cookbook fundraising, including:

  • We want to take the hassle out of cookbook fundraising by creating a system that makes it as simple as possible to create a stunning cookbook without too much work on the part of the organiser.
  • We are striving to create cookbooks that strike the right balance between quality and cost.
  • Finally we are intending to take much of the risk out of cookbook fundraising by making them a zero-risk project for the perspective of the school.

It’s a tall order but we are hopeful that our new cookbook fundraising project will introduce a unique and much needed breath of fresh air to the market. Keep watching this space during 2017 for an update on the development of our school cookbook project.

When will our new project be online?

It’s difficult to say now (early 2016) because we have a heavy year of work ahead of us (2017). We will be spending a lot of time and money improving and redeveloping our christmas cards for schools project as we aim to make this service the market leader for 2017. Offering the highest levels of quality and service whilst keeping our prices some of the lowest around. However we are hoping to have our cookbook project launched by the middle of 2017 so please so check back then. In the meantime why not see what other fundraising projects for schools we offer for 2017.