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Tea Towel Project 2022 Prices

Tea Towel Pricing

In common with most of our projects you can decide how much you want to charge parents for tea towels.  This means you are in control of the amount of fundraising profit that is made on the sale of every tea towel.

The prices you choose to charge parents are those that will be shown on the website when parents go online to order their child’s personalised tea towel.  The price we charge you for tea towels is shown below.  Delivery is FREE for all orders over £200, £10 otherwise.

Quality Printed Tea Towels

Fabulous quality is guaranteed with School Fundraising.

All tea towels are printed in-house by our staff in the UK, so you can be guaranteed of their print quality.

Profits for the PTA

YOU decide on the price that parent's are charged for their tea towels.

This puts you in control of the affordability of of the tea towels for parents and the amount of profit made by the PTA for this activity.

Tailoring your design

The design of your tea towels comes with a number of choices, including

  1. You can choose to have your school name inset into the border of the design (if you wish)
  2. You can choose to have an individual class name inset into the border of the design (if you wish)
  3. You can choose from any of our 16 border designs (or have no border)

A choice of 16 colourful border designs

How long does it all take?

The entire process from requesting an artwork pack to final receipt of printed tea towels normally takes in the region of 6-8 weeks.  However it all depends crucially on how long you take to produce drawings and how long you give parents to order.  It takes us up to two weeks from closure of your online shop to dispatching completed tea towel orders.