Academic Year School Calendars

  • Calendars run from September to September
  • A great fundraiser for both primary and secondary schools
  • Supply us with the children's drawings or photographs for each month of the year and we will this and turn it into a top quality professional calendar
  • We run this as a ZERO risk project, you only pay for calendars you have already sold
  • We have a whole library of fantastic designs to bring your children's drawings to life.
  • Include school specific dates into the design at no additional cost
Choose from 5 distinct styles

Paper Quality & Finish

All of our calendars are printed in digitally in full colour on a premium 150gsm Silk paper with a 300gsm Silk card cover. They are printed on our industry leading digital colour press. Every calendar is individually inspected upon completion to ensure top quality calendars every time.

Delivery Times

We would normally expect to be able to produce calendars within around two weeks. 

Rated 4.8/5

Rated 4.8 our of 5 by our clients in our January 2020 client satisfaction survey

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