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Run a Water Bottle fundraising project

A school water bottle fundraiser is an excellent and creative artwork project for any time of the year.  Great opportunities to run a school fundraising mug project include:

  • Easter Water Bottles
  • Mother’s day Water Bottles
  • Father’s day Water Bottles
  • World Book Day Project
  • Specific classroom projects/topics (how about creating Roald Dahl inspired mugs for example?)
  • Art department projects/work

What can be printed on our school water bottles?

Pretty much anything! We can send individual artwork sheets that allow your children to create their own designs.  We then take these sheets and scan them into our printing system.  We can then use these images to print your child’s own design on to their water bottle.

Alternatively if you are looking for school water bottles that can be printed with photographs (either supplied by the school or the children) or if you are looking for a bulk purchase of school water bottles printed with your school name or logo then we can also help with that.  Essentially whatever you want printed on a water bottle, we can help!

About our water bottles

Our personalised water bottles are the perfect way to keep hydrated when out and about. Our water bottles are made from Aluminium with a white outside (for over printing) and a shiny reflective inside. They hold 500ml of fluid, come with a choice of two different caps and inside their own cardboard presentation box.