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PTA Easter Fundraising Ideas

The mornings are getting lighter and early signs of spring are in the air. This is the time to celebrate new life and hope. It is also time for the PTA to start planning and preparing Easter fundraising ideas.

Easter Tea Towel Project?

A fantastic fundraiser at any time of year but why not a fantastic handprint or self portrait tea towel project for Easter?  The children draw their own self portraits, we lay them all out (by class/year/whole school, you decide) on a fantastic microfleeced fronted 100% cotton tea towel for resale to parents.  We have an online portal which makes ordering incredibly simple.  Find out more about a potential Easter tea towel project, on our website.  We even have some fantastic Easter themed borders!  Too late for Easter, why not run it over the summer term anyway!

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg hunt can be organised within the school and the school grounds. Rather than hiding chocolate eggs, coloured pictures of eggs can be used. These could be a printed egg template – provide each class with a few sheets for the children to colour in! Alternatively, an egg template can be used to cut the shape from wrapping paper, pages from magazines or any other colourful sheets.

Place the eggs all around the area – some high up, some on the ground, some being easy to spot, others can be partially hidden or camouflaged.

Rather than collecting the eggs, the children have a sheet to write down where they spotted an egg, or to record a word or number that is written on each one. This offers the opportunity for the children to be grouped for the hunt and gives everyone a fair chance.

After a set time, the sheets are collected in. Everyone who participates can receive a small egg (you may need some dairy-free options for pupils with allergies). The pupil who found the most eggs can be presented with a larger prize.

Top Tips for this PTA fundraising Idea

  • Laminating the paper eggs will provide a resource that can be used again.
  • Keep a record of where you have positioned them, so they can be collected up again afterwards!
  • Approach local retailers to ask if they would be willing to donate Easter Eggs for this activity.

Easter Egg Raffle

A mufti day could be arranged for the final week of term. Children can wear their own choice of clothes in exchange for an Easter Egg donation. These eggs will be collected by the PTA.

To create impressive prizes, a selection of the goodies can be collated into hampers or covered cardboard boxes. You might add other items, such as hot cross buns, bunny ears, egg cups or cupcakes.

Photograph the prizes and share on the school social media page and in the newsletter. Invite parents, teachers and others to purchase raffle tickets for their chance to win these tempting prizes.

Top Tips for this PTA fundraising idea

  • Collections can be made at the school gate – a wheelbarrow or two can be helpful!
  • Put scrunched up newspaper and layers of tissue paper into the base of the box to elevate the prizes.
  • This activity has to be run before Easter, as everyone is less tempted by all of the chocolate afterwards.

Easter Holiday Competition

Parents are often looking for ideas that will engage children over the holidays. Setting an Easter competition could be a solution that they are willing to pay for.

This could take many forms, but these suggestions might inspire:

  • Create a photograph, picture, poem or sculpture that represents Spring
  • A Spotter’s challenge where the pupils are provided with a list of things to find and tick off: lamb in a field, daffodil in bud, an egg-shaped stone, a green car, a person wearing a hat, a rabbit, a baby in a pushchair, someone riding a bike…
  • A baby photo competition, where members of the school team share a photo of them as a youngster. These are collated into sheets with space for children to write in which member of staff is shown in each picture.

A Sporty Challenge with an Easter Theme

Most children enjoy the opportunity to participate in physical challenges. Depending on time and resources, there could be a series of different activities, including:

  • Egg and spoon races
  • How many bounces can you do (on a mini trampoline) in a minute?
  • How far can you jump?
  • How many times can you throw and catch a (paper mache) egg in a minute?
  • How far can you roll/throw the ball?

Generating funds from Easter Fundraisers

A nominal fee could be charged for any one of these ideas for PTA fundraising. Alternatively, you could offer a multi-activity pass. For £3-£5 children can take part in the Easter Egg Hunt, get two raffle tickets, enter the competition and participate in the sporty challenge.

If school Fundraising can assist you with other projects including design a mug or water bottle, please get in touch for further information on 01296 340 057 or request our fundraising information pack.


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