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Our Hoodies are ordered directly online by parents

Our hoodie project is designed to be operated online, so parents can order directly from our online portal.  This avoids the need to hand out paper order forms and collect payment from parents.  It also means the parents can

  • See the colour of the hoodies being ordered (as best as we are able on a computer monitor)
  • Specify the name to be printed on the reverse (if they choose to have one)
  • Gather good information on the sizes of the hoodies so they can make an informed order

Online preview

Through our custom built order portal your parents will get to see exactly how their hoodie will look before ordering.  All of our hoodies can have a personalised “nickname” printed on their reverse without additional charge.  Parents can see when ordering how their design will look on our unique design tool preventing misunderstandings about how the final product will look.

Example Leavers Hoodie Online Preview

How does it all work? Timeline of events....

  • YOU...

    Register on our website to create an account.  After that "Create a New Project" for your hoodies.  After you have created your new project we will contact you requesting details so that we can create a PDF Proof of your leavers hoodie design for your approval.

  • WE...

    ...will create your personalised PDF proof showing you exactly how the reverse of your hoodies will look.  We will conduct this stage by email so you can let us know if you would like to see any changes.

  • YOU...

    ...complete your Project Setup online.  The project setup allows you to choose the website address for your online shop, the price you will charge parents, the date your online shop will close and the colour of the hoodies.

    Once this information has been entered then we are ready to open your shop for sales!

  • WE....

    ...will open your online shop ready for the sales to start rolling in.

  • YOU....

    ...send your shop link out to parents by email and/or FaceBook (we have a special link you can share from your control panel to make this easy).  Now just wait for the orders to come in, before your online shop closes.

  • WE...

    ...upon shop closure we will print all of your hoodies.  This stage takes up to around 3 weeks.  When they are all printed we will dispatch them to you by courier.

  • YOU...

    ...distribute the hoodies in school to all of your eager children and parents.  They will love them!

  • WE...

    ...if you charged more than our prices then we will deliver the balance to you by cheque.  If you choose to charge parents less than our prices then we will invoice you for the remaining balance.  If you charge our prices exactly (and your school ordered enough that there is no delivery charge payable) then you're all done!