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National PTA Organisations in the UK

As a company that supports school fundraising efforts by PTAs we are always looking for additional information and help we can provide to them as part of our total service. So if you are just starting out in your school’s local Parent Teacher Association (or PTA) or if you are just looking for any sort of external help running your PTA then you might try looking for some sort of national body for school PTAs in the UK. There is no such national body but there are a couple of entities to which you can become members and other umbrella groups used for sharing ideas and resources.

PTA-UK (pta.org.uk)

PTA-UKPTA-UK describes itself as “PTA-UK is both a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity and is, at its heart, a membership organisation which exists to serve its members by providing support, guidance and practical resources for PTAs.”. The website has some genuinely useful documents and information and states that “Membership fees start from just £65.00 depending on the number of pupils at your school.” If you are looking for a good resource for legal documents, constitutions and other formal documents then we can’t find anywhere with as many as PTA-UK.

PTA+ (pta.co.uk)

PTA+PTA+ describes itself as “A host of valuable resources 100% dedicated to bringing PTAs together, sharing success stories and simplifying your day-to-day business.”. PTA+ is a company that has pulled together alot of resources for PTAs. It appears to be completely free to join and can be used by any number of PTA members through a single account for the PTA itself. It also has a paid supplier directory, which we presume finances the free information provided to PTA members.

Looking for more FREE information and advice?

In fact, when we reviewed what was available to PTAs in terms of free information, advice and resources we were struck with how little was available for PTAs in the UK.  In response we will be publishing s much free information and advice as possible over the coming year to fill what we see as a void of information and advice for UK PTAs.


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