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PTA Year 6 Leavers Events

After the excitement of Easter Eggs and a two-week break, Year 6 pupils will be returning for their final term in school. This is an opportunity for the school and PTA to help them create memories to take with them as they move up to secondary school.

During the final term, there may a little flexibility in the curriculum to allow for some different activities. There can still be learning objectives and, events can showcase and develop a range of talents.

Year 6 pupils can also take on responsibilities to help make events happen. They might vote for preferences and assist with the planning and preparation.

4 Leavers Event Ideas

Rounders matches, picnics and discos are popular PTA leaver events. Here are four other ideas that might work in your school:

Year 6 Artwork

Allowing everyone to contribute to a collective artwork is a positive way for Year 6 to leave a legacy. This creative activity could take many forms, including:

  • Planning and planting a garden of flowers that will form a simple image when they bloom
  • Painting pebbles, which are laid to form a colourful border to the path that leads to the school reception
  • Building and decorating an insect hotel with lots of different areas of interest
  • Creating a collage of a memorable event or a favourite topic that can decorate a classroom wall
  • Designing a welcoming banner to hang on the school gates

Can their creation be displayed outside? If so, they will see it any time they pass the school and it will act as a lovely reminder.

Year 6 Performance

Music evenings, plays and talent shows are a wonderful group activity. Get Year 6 fully involved and offer everyone a chance to shine.

Some pupils will love to take centre stage and perform, but not all. This doesn’t mean missing out. A group of Year 6 pupils could help to create costumes or scenery, another could learn about the lighting and sound. Some could promote the event by designing posters and preparing posts for the school social media page. Other pupils may help by setting up chairs, meeting and greeting the audience and serving refreshments in the interval.

Most pupils will enjoy having greater responsibility for all aspects of the performance. With a little guidance and support, they will gain considerable satisfaction when it all comes together. Their skills and ideas will also reduce the work taken on by teachers and the PTA.

Year 6 Award Ceremony

Leaving the school and friends that you have known for 7 years is an emotional time for pupils and parents. A final award ceremony is a fitting way to recognise how each pupil has contributed.

Before the event, you could ask all Year 6 pupils to write something positive about each one of their classmates. It could be a specific memory about a time they helped them out, impressed them or made them laugh. It might be a general compliment about their abilities in a certain subject, their attitude or nature.

Whether written in paper or digital format, the comments for each pupil can be collated onto a certificate by a member of the PTA. One comment could be selected and read out at the Awards ceremony and the full document presented.

The Awards Ceremony provides the ideal opportunity to hand out other Year 6 leavers gifts. Leavers hoodies have been very popular in recent years. School Fundraising also offers other Year 6 leavers gift options including autograph books and t-shirts, printed mugs and water bottles.

Year 6 Guide for New Starters

As Year 6 prepare for the transition to secondary school, younger pupils will be equally nervous and excited about joining your school.

By thinking back over their time in school, each member of Year 6 could provide a welcome leaflet. The idea is to give it to a new pupil on Transition Day. The leaflet might include a Top Tip, a favourite topic (including a fact learnt) and a book recommendation. It could have a map, a photo from a school event and highlights of a club they joined.

Each leaflet is a personalised introduction to the school for a new pupil.

Making Memories

All of these suggestions require year 6 to take an active role in leavers activities. They make memories without demanding big budgets or significant resource. What’s more, tickets for events, refreshment stands and leavers gifts all provide PTA fundraising opportunities.

We wish your year 6 pupils every success with their transition.


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