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Delivery & Receipt of your Order

If your order is being printed, or your order is on it’s way or maybe it’s just arrived and you’re wondering what to do next then this is the help section for you.  We have gathered together as many questions and answers as we could about the printing, delivery and receipt of our Christmas project orders all under one cosy Christmas roof.

However if you can’t find the answer to your question then please contact us by telephone, email or web chat and we’ll have an answer to your question quicker than you can say “where’s my order and can I download a checklist you cheeky Christmas elves?”.

From the date of your 1st order production takes around 2 weeks to process, print and despatch your complete order. You will be sent updates to keep you informed as your order progresses.  In almost all circumstances our orders leave within our quoted two week turnaround.  Exceptional circumstances might include a global pandemic, which, in our experience, could extend delivery times by a few extra days!

All orders are sent out with a check list and instructions on how to distribute your order. If you have a problem with your order or any item on your order you can resolve this via our online resolution tool. Using your online account, you will see the ‘resolution tool’ which will help you resolve any queries you may have; Using this you can order replacements and purchase additional items if needed.

The resolution tool allows you to:

  • Have an item reprinted if a parent has not made a name or class change prior to placing an order.
  • Have an item reprinted if it has arrived damaged (i.e., if a mug has broken during transit for example).
  • Have an item printed that you believe is missing from the boxes received.
  • Order additional items that you missed from your original order.

If there is an issue that arises that cannot be solved with our Resolution Tool then please get in touch with our customer service team so we can help resolve this with you.

All orders are sent out in strong cardboard boxes which, the number of which will depend upon your order size. The order will be sent with a check list which shows all of the items that have been printed and packed, we work against this checklist which allows us to double check the order before it is dispatched to you.

Where possible cards, tags and value packs will be grouped into classes. Typically, any mug orders will be packed in a separate box to the cards and other items. If there are multiple boxes on your order we do not recommend distributing your order until the whole order has all been received and checked. All items have the child’s name printed on them which will help with distribution.

We advise that you wait until you have received all of your project back before distribution, this ensures that all products are with you and we are able to quickly sort out any issues.

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