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Project Setup and Order Forms

If you have returned your drawing templates to us, are completing your project setup or have received your printed order forms and have a question then this section is for you!

Here we cover a variety of questions that you might have either when setting up your project, whilst waiting for your order forms or after having received your order forms in the post.  In the unlikely event that you do not find the answer to your question here then please get in touch either by email, telephone or Web Chat so we can help with your query.

When you complete your online project set up you will be asked to submit a date by which you would like all products to be delivered to school.  This will, in turn, create a  closure date for your online shop.

The date you select will be printed on all of your order forms to notify parents when they need to place their order by. The date printed is set by you; however, as a guide most schools give parents around 1-2 weeks to order.

Online Projects

At midnight on your shop closure date, your online shop will cease taking orders.  After this time if a parent enters their PIN code they will be directed to a page that will accept “Late Orders”.  These orders are printed and packed individually and despatched direct to parents.  There are no profits generated for the PTA from these “Late Orders” and so we would encourage you to make all parents aware of the deadline to maximise your fundraising efforts.

YES.  All orders for your project will be printed with the same details (i.e. school name etc) printed on the reverse of the cards as well as the same information printed on the mugs.

Unfortunately, we cannot alter the information that is printed on an individual order basis, all details that you set as part of your project set up will be applied to all orders made for your project. i.e., we cannot remove the school name or any references to Christmas from certain orders if these details have been selected as part of your project.

No.  We do not send out individual sample cards. Parents will receive a personalised order form, the order form will be printed with their child’s name and class and will show the scan of their child’s design.

We try very hard to record all names accurately but mistakes sometimes happen.  The method to correct this is different for online and traditional projects.

If you notice that there is a mistake with the name then this issue can be resolved by the parents when they order online.  They can update the child’s name/ class and modify the drawing’s orientation.  You should direct the parent back to the sforders.co.uk website where they can modify this prior to ordering.  As the PTA organiser you do not need to make any amendments.

In instances where the order has already been placed (and name/class amendments were missed), please drop us an email with the relevant details to help@school-fundraising.co.uk and we can amend the order on your behalf.  The amended order will be available to view in your control panel and we can issue a replacement order confirmation to your parent.  This has to be done before the items go for printing so let us know ASAP!


Via your online account you can request a copy order form for any child that has submitted artwork. Once logged into your account go into your current project and there is a section called ‘copy order forms’. This tab loads a list of all the children that have submitted artwork, you can click on the order form that is needed. The order form will then be available to download.

We do not send out printed copies of duplicate order forms, these are only available to download.

If you need to edit the name of an entire class or add a new class you can update this via your online account. You need to log in, select your project and then click on ‘Class Editor’.  However if you have a number of such changes to make we suggest you contact us to discuss so we can make this as easy as possible for you.

If an image is the wrong orientation, this can be rotated prior to printing via your online account.

If you have already placed the order, then please get in contact with us ASAP as this is something that we will need to amend *NEEDS CHECKING FOR ACCURACY*

See more about how to use your Online Control Panel here!

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