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If you have received your drawing templates (any requests made prior to or during the summer holidays will be sent the 1st week in September) you are ready to start your project.

- Please keep the postal box/envelope that you templates arrived in, this contains a return checklist and is pre-labelled with the return address ready for you to send your artwork back in.
- Distribute the order forms to all the children participating, we recommend running this as an in class activity as more children are likely to take part.
-Please see our downloads section for artwork guidelines, these can be printed and given to teachers and parents to help advise them on how to create great designs.
- Any drawings that use pens and pencils can be fed through our scanner automatically, however any templates that use paint, charcoal or stuck on items need to be scanned by hand. If you have 60+ templates that require hand scanning then there will be a £30 scanning fee applied to your project. We allow 60 free hand scanning templates as we appreciate it can be difficult for the younger years to work with pens and pencils.
-Please note that unfortunately we cannot process glitter, any templates that contain glitter will not be processed.
- Once you have collected all of the artwork you need to post this back to us for processing.

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