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Christmas Project - Getting Started

If you’re considering running a Christmas Project with us (if not, why not as they can raise a lot of money) then this is probably the section for you.  Here we cover a variety of questions that you might have before deciding to choose us as your fundraising partner.  In the unlikely event that you do not find the answer to your question here then please get in touch either by email, telephone or Web Chat so we can help with your query.

Yes, information packs can be requested online. The information pack contains a guide on how our Christmas card project works, additional guides on our full range of fundraising projects and leavers gifts.  Closer to Christmas we also include (examples of the drawing templates the students will have to complete, order forms, an example gift tag and a sample card).

A long time!  We started offering our service to schools around 2010 and are delighted to say that some of those first clients that started with us 10 years ago are still clients today!

No.  We offer a variety of Christmas products as part of our Christmas project. You can read about our full range of products on our website.

Our Christmas project includes: Mugs, Cards, Gift labels and Coasters.

The price of the cards and other products depends on when you place your order and if you add any optional extras. Please see details of our pricing here

Unlike some other providers we give you full control over the price charged to your parents, so you can set the price at whatever level you think is appropriate.  This gives you ultimate control over the amount of profit that you project can raise and allows you to take account of the financial situation of your target customers.

Yes, we do offer a discount for those schools who can sign up earlier in the year and run their project slighter earlier as a result.

Full details of our “Early Bird” offer for this year can be found here.

New customers will need to register an account on our website. Once you have created your account, you will be able to request all the materials you need to launch your project in school. As part of your registration, you can request your drawing templates.

If you are a previous customer you will already have an account with us so there is no need to register ,just login to your account.

If you can’t remember your password you can request a new one, you then create a new project and request your drawing templates.

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